Our Services

Pillarcom Network offers transformational life development, management and empowerment services such as vocational training, human development and capacity building, ICT, business promotion and advertisement etc.

We impart and affect lives positively in various ways , locally and internationally. Our existence as human goes beyond self-empowerment and satisfaction, but in extending the goodwill to the benefit of all through our kind - hearted and joyous mode of operation. Our joy is to care, share and improve the lives of our members, their families and all around them. We also bring hope to the hopeless and the vulnerable. Our philosophy is that we all have equal opportunities and chances in life. It’s just one life, and it should be purposefully maximized through creating diverse ray of hope and unlimited opportunities.

How It Works

Aside the numerous benefits mentioned, loads of other opportunities awaits you on Pillarcom Network when you become a partner by registering into our network with $40, as a partner. The synergy will bring about total and effective influence on us and our community.

Members Benefits
  • Free numerous skills acquisition program and humanitarian support.
  • Financial empowerment
  • Mentorship
  • Business Promotions and advertisement
  • Asset and Property acquisition
  • Job / Business opportunities 
  • Free participation in membership social events such as; members award moments, raffle draws and exchange of gift, family games and fun, vacation and adventure trips, testimony night, network party, pool and beachside party etc.

Imagine earning an extra income while you learn new skills, grow your business and have fun through our social network and social responsibility program.