About Us
Pillarcom Network is an online membership programme created to ensure that people's essential needs are taken care of. A man's success begins when he has enough to eat, a house he can call his own and passive income to solve other needs. Knowing how important success is to mankind, we focus on empowering people that desire to live a fulfilled life. 

We also work with people who are passionate with helping others around them. We believe the world can be a better place when more lives are touched.

Pillarcom Network is developed by Tawirus Tech. the 1st empowerment programme issuing her members Empowerment Card for wealth Creation purpose.

As an online community, we focus on digital business education, Vocational training, Real Estate and Agro-allied Investment. We do this to give all that come in contact with leverage to create wealth.

Getting involved with our investment and human capacity development programmes, makes you a destiny helper.


To be the solution to human basic needs


To build a community where everybody's have access to financial freedom through the implementation of business strategy that yield outstanding result.