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Day 3 Pillarcom Empowerment Programme.

“Wow! This is the best free empowerment programme I have ever attended” said by a student after learning how simple it is to produce disinfectant (Dettol) in the production class.

The makeup class really attracted visitors today with students inviting friends for free makeup. It was a great moment seeing them trying to replicate what they were thought yesterday.

Everybody wanted to visit the catering class. Obviously, the aroma of the menu menu is attracting us all to come and test the delicious egg roll and Buns made by the students. Also I was almost tempted to go and look for Ewagayin (cooked beans and pepper) when I saw the catering students learning how to bake bread.


The Website and graphic design students are also making some land mark with the way they master the computer to build web base solution. Pillarcom Network is truly creating opportunities.

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