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GUIFEI BAO NAFDAC REG: NO A7-2304L  Price: N10,000

GUIFEI BAO   Price: N10,000


Resina draconis, rhubarb, frutus cnidii, sophora flavescens, borned, flos carthami, cortex pseudolaricis, driedalum, acacia catechu, borax,


This Fohow imperial Treasure regulates Yin and Yang, expels wastes, makes blood and Qi flow freely in all channels and vessels, cleanses the uterus, and facilitates the ‘clear’ and unclear Qi to the desired destinations. It can help recovery a glowing complexion in the upper body, thus keeping Yin and Yang in harmony and encouraging a clear and balanced mental state. It helps cure chronic and stubborn gynecological diseases such as hysteromyoma, ovarian cysts, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammation, annexitis, elytritis, venereal diseases, etc,; and also functions well in reducing freckles, whitening skin, rejuvenating the uterus, promoting the secretion of female hormones, activating cells, recovering ovarian activity, enhancing sexual health and delaying the ageing process.

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