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We will be giving out free points to both free and registered members of Pillarcom, to help them actualize their dreams of becoming a Landlord.

To become a landlord on Pillarcom Home Project 

Point accumulation is most important aspect. Our Platform has made this very easy for you, providing you free points, every week even as a free member of Pillarcom Network. 

just sign up to Pillarcom Portal and start getting free points, every week and you are on your way to becoming a Landlord in no time.


To achieve your dream goal of becoming a landlord faster

Do any or all of the following

1. upgrade your free account to a paid account (minimum of N10,500). you get more points

2. invite your friends to participate in the home project. your points volume increases rapidly 

3. Sell any of our real estate properties. you will be amazed how fast you can own a house of yours


Your dream of becoming a landlord, in a N35M home at your choice  location, can come into reality.

Start now, convert your stay at home time into wealth by participating in Pillarcom home project.

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