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Pillarcom Empowerment Programme

Pillarcom empowerment Program is a grassroots entrepreneurship program that targets the intellectually handy people who look to empower themselves with the least possible knowledge available to them.

it is a 2 weeks program that look to teach you the nitty-gritty of any passion you have in order to enable you start to fend for yourself. i will use myself as a case study; im computer proficient but i have no knowledge about web designing and so i applied for the program, in less than 2 weeks, i have started to build websites, started some blogs and looking to refer some people to empower themselves as all we need in this life is a little and growth from there is entirely up to the individual. 

ii want to use this medium to that Pillarcom for the vision and mission to want to give back to the community in this little but tasking way. thank u, may the good lord continue to bless and enrich you to continue to empower the community. cheers


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