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Pillarcom New VIP's (August 2020)


Congratulation to our New VIP Members,


It’s time to enjoy free Shopping with your new status at Pillarcom Network.
Well, let me inform you that you too can become Pillarcom VIP within a week and go for free Shopping. Amazing right!!!

Here are the basic steps
1) Signup to partner with Pillarcom Network.
2) Sell a plot of Land or refer people to join
3) Boom!! you become PILLARCOM VIP

* Enjoy Free Shopping regularly
*Land Commissions
* Access to N2.1M loan @zero percent interest, No collateral
* Own a free plot of land, electronic items, A brand new car reward, Gadgets (phones, laptop)
* A 35 Million naira home at any location of your choice.
* and Continuous cash rewards
Overwhelmed right! but its all possible if you join the PILLARCOM NETWORK TEAM.

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