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Pillarcom Realtors

Pillarcom Network puts first at the heart of its property sales, our present realtors (partners) working with us tirelessly to ensure that we reach out to as many people willing to take advantage of our Land Ownership Project.

And for other realtors (non partners) ready to join us, we offer every realtor this amazing incentive as a way to show how much you are valued.

All you have to do to benefit from this incentive is to do any of the following:

* Sell 2 plots of land at any of our property location.
* Refer at least 10 realtors to join Pillarcom Network.
* Sell 1 plot and refer 5 more realtors to join Pillarcom.
* Accumulate at least 200,000 points on land sales and other activities.

Don't be left out. Join the rave of the moment.

Click on the link in our bio to gain access to all our platforms

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