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During our Maga summit  on 10th Of October,  2019

7 to 10 people will be going home with  a free plot of la d each. 

12 people will win electronic items 

Everyone that attend get across to a plot  of land as low as 150k with the flexibility to spread payment as it's convenient 

Everyone that attend we have access to a plot of land at a ridiculous cheap price with the option 2 still spread the payment as it convenient 

If you are lucky you may also be among those that will go home with free plot of land or at least electronics items.

I'm sure you don't want to miss it.

N2000  ticket  will do the  magic

Chat me up (08132179969) and request for your from the few tickets left. LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE 

Set YOURSELF free from LANDLORD WAHALA by starting the journey now, with N2000.

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