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Day 7 of the PillarCom Training  was quite remarkable. The fine aroma from Catering class not only filled the whole place it made most of us at the Website Design and Digital Marketing class salivating. Well, what can we do, nothing. Once in a while some o
Chidinma 29.11.2017 0 62

Pillarcom empowerment Program is a grassroots entrepreneurship program that targets the intellectually handy people who look to empower themselves with the least possible knowledge available to them. it is a 2 weeks program that look to teach you the nitty
kboybadewa 28.11.2017 0 59

So far  on Day 6 at Pillarcom programme. Students have been able to lay their hands on different task so as to embrace there confident when they get to the labour market, It has been a wonderful day. On Makeup side, students were able to tie Headgear popul
bayopillar 28.11.2017 0 68

I am glad to be participating in this November 2017 PillarCom Network two weeks free, yes free youth empowerment training programme. I must give kudos to those behind this empowerment training. Youths empowering themselves and others at minimal cost. Kudos
Chidinma 26.11.2017 0 93

Day 5 Truly, Pillarcom Network portal was designed for all. A community where there no boss, no employee, everybody is equal. Day 5 training was a master piece. The website and graphics students where thought how they can provide support for members of the
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My gateway to multiplicity
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So far Day 4 training have been a wonderful day for the participants in Catering/cake, Makeup, Shoe and bag/production, Website  and Graphics Design.  Participants are very much excited to part and learn a new skill from there facilitators.See what they ha
bayopillar 24.11.2017 0 65

The excitement continues as students learnt new things on the fourth day. In the production class, they were thought how to make toilet wash. There was also need for them to package their products for sale, however the graphics students volunteer to creat
Taiwo 24.11.2017 0 108

“Wow! This is the best free empowerment programme I have ever attended” said by a student after learning how simple it is to produce disinfectant (Dettol) in the production class. The makeup class really attracted visitors today with students inviting fri
Taiwo 23.11.2017 0 73

Day2 of Pillarcom begins with new Beads and Hats Making up/Pedicure&Manicure, Catering/Cake-Making,  website/Digital Marketing and Soap Making/Air-freshener. skill class. You can still join on (tomorrow) wednesday.
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