Free Empowerment

Day 5 Truly, Pillarcom Network portal was designed for all. A community where there no boss, no employee, everybody is equal. Day 5 training was a master piece. The website and graphics students where thought how they can provide support for members of the
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The excitement continues as students learnt new things on the fourth day. In the production class, they were thought how to make toilet wash. There was also need for them to package their products for sale, however the graphics students volunteer to creat
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Day 2:  We had an exciting moment today. The website students learnt how to design a single page website using HTML and CSS. The bag making class was able to complete the production of a lady’s bag. For the Catering class, the technics for chin-chin and do
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Day1 Pillarcom training for today @ No 1 Olabisi Close Mende MaryLand Ikeja, Lagos Empowering every one, Introduction kick start for the following training: Make-up/Pedicure&Manicure, Catering/Cake-Making, Bead/Hat Making, website/Digital Marketing and
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