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    Help us congratulate PILLARCOM NETWORK top VIPs.Dr. Obafemi TinaMiss Omoluyi MabelThey have both accrued more than 100,000pts as a Realtor and going for another shopping in few days.You too can be like them all you have to do is sell lands or make use
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      Congratulation to our New VIP Members,@oluwarotimiojo@hepzibahproperties_realtorsIt’s time to enjoy free Shopping with your new status at Pillarcom Network.Well, let me inform you that you too can become Pillarcom VIP within a week and go for free S
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Hello July,It's the beginning of the second phase of the year and also the 7th month which means Perfection.We wish you perfection in every facet of your life.A new dawn of opportunity to invest with PILLARCOM NETWORKHAPPY NEW MONTH.
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Testimonies of WINNERS from our Weekly giveaway. To be a participant, all you have to do is follow our Facebook page: @pillarcomempowers andInstagram page: @pillarcomempowersNext week we shall kickoff a new giveaway on Instagram. You don't want to miss it!
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