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Time waits for no man they say.Golden City Estate's 50% discount promo is coming to a close on the 31st of August, 2020.If you are yet to make a commitment, there is just 5 days left to do so. You can tell a friend to tell another friend, who wants to make
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Pillarcom marketing & Training takes place EVERY WEDNESDAYS @ our Office.Venue:Suite 58, Asucon plaza, 513 ikorodu road, opp General Filling Station, ketu.Date: Every WednesdayTime: 10amA moment to equip your marketing skills, get more real estate pros
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It's a pleasant Monday! As you embark on yet another journey to achieving your goal, always remember that no matter how many times you may feel like giving up, there is always that part of you that desire for success. Keep up with the pursuit, it shall one
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Every building that is built required the basic need for a piece of the earth for which that building stands.That is why, at Pillarcom we have made it our sole responsibility to ensure that every Nigerian has the opportunity to key into our ongoing plan of
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Nothing beats the joy and excitement, owning a property you can call yours. Let's highlight these feelings in 3 aspects:1. That moment you start to unpack your belongings to your new home.2. Coming back into your own personal space is simply fulfilling. Th
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      Are you still waiting to enjoy the benefits of been a Pillarcom Realtor? Time waits for no man as the Pillarcom Realtors Month is coming to an end in a few days time.Tap into the opportunity now.Think affordable landThink Pillarcom Network.
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Flourish Estate, Ilaro, is currently on a 60% promo. It is just 15 minutes drive from Ilaro Federal Polytechnic.Buy a plot (600sqm) for #200,000 and get free gift itemsGrab this opportunity while it lastsFor more information, visit: www.pillarcom.net/views
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The first of its kind, realtors card that gives you the power to achieve more, unlimited free shopping and the freedom to own a dream home by accumulating points for every activity under the Pillarcom platform.The benefits are just too many to countSubscri
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Remember the best investment on earth is land. You know why? Land never depreciates. Buy Real Estate and see your investment grow today.Pillarcom Network offers you 30% return on investment (ROI) plus free plot of land. Make use of this opportunity and sav
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