Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing - #MentorMeRobert
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  •  obafemitina2016: 

    Wow! Network marketing is the new phase for today and tomorrow's entrepreneurs. For a last success in any kind of business be part of network marketing.

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  •  Omoluyi1613: 
    • According to the above video. Network marketing is all about helping others. And it is also met for strong minded individual who can channel there energy towards sales skill thereby maximizing profit.. Above all it is met for leaders.
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  •  Kunle: 

    Network marketIng is the business of the 21st century. If you want to be financially free, build wealth and also help others, network marketing is the way. To be a network marketer and be successful in business, you have to be someone who must win regardless of how many times you fail or what people say and not someone who must be right or comfortable or liked. Network marketing removes the employee mentality and develops entrepreneurs. 

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  •  peacenzion: 

    Network Marketing is for people who want to get above average.

    It makes you a leader!

    It can be done part-time

    It helps to help other people,not just making money alone!

    It helps to learn winning attitude.

    It can be started without huge capital.

    It also help to get away from pay cheque or salary (get rich quick scheme.

    It teaches entrepreneur mindset!

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  •  Anumercy: 
    • From this video I have come to realized that network marketing is not all about you coming to make profit alone, but you impacting lives and you must have an entrepreneur mind set! An entrepreneur is a risk taker!! You must be ready to take risk, some businesses might work and some might not work. Be ready to take risk. The speaker talk about 4 categories of persons! The one I pick I must I have the mind set in every business am going to win. This video is so powerful. Thanks.
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