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Attempting these questions makes you have some understanding about Pillarcom Network. Attempting all questions correctly gives you 1,000 points as Pillarcom members.
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Takers: 18   Last taken: 03.03.2021
Posted 23.04.2020 · by zaggy
While HTML is the heart of the internet, CSS provides the beauty. This quiz was designed to test your technical knowledge of CSS and not the graphic design portion. After completing this quiz, you will get a sense of how well you know how to manipulate CSS properties and classes. If you score well, …
Categories: Website design 
Takers: 78   Last taken: 06.04.2021
Posted 28.02.2020 · by zaggy
    In today world our online experience should be more than just checking emails, talking to friends and family, discussing politics, breaking news and researching things to do locally, because the online world provides huge opportunities and is very much important in our daily lives.  In as muc…
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Takers: 17   Last taken: 23.10.2020
Posted 22.09.2019 · by zaggy