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The Scanfrost Deep Freezer  is a large capacity freezer for home and commercial purpose. It is an essential home appliance that will help you preserve food and other perishable items for a long period of time. It will save you the time and energy spent on frequent grocery shopping as it will store and preserve your food items so you can reach for them at your time of convenience. It comes with 610liter space capacity that allows for enough room to accommodate your food items. The freezer has a fast cooling function with the help of its super cooling compressor. It does not defrost quickly so all the stored food will still retain their natural freshness and taste for a long time.


Capacity 510 litres

Finish Inox

4 way cooling

Removable storage baskets

100 hours Freeze capacity on Power Outage

Stabilizer Free Operation

Brand scanfrost

Product type chest freezer

Area of use kitchen

Color white


Capacity 610 litres

Price: ₦342,000

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Scanfrost Inox Finish Chest Freezer - 600 Litres

Scanfrost Inox Finish Chest Freezer - 600 Litres

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