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A big Congratulations to Pillarcom February Member that just qualified for free Shopping and Land  Voucher         
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Do you have what it takes to work with Pillarcom Team as a website designer, Apply now
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For point leaders Here is the evidence of a working and reliable system. This is a quick review of our point leaders in Pillarcom Network. Leaders who have done the work and now enjoying all the benefit attached to it, from shopping voucher for our newly
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1. Stay at Home  2. Wash your hands with soap and water or use the sanitizer regularly 3. Sign up to and acquire free points weekly to make you a landlord.   Don't waste this period. Invest it. On Pillarcom Network, everybody earns.     
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Stay safe, Stay protected. He has paid the price
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We will be giving out free points to both free and registered members of Pillarcom, to help them actualize their dreams of becoming a Landlord. To become a landlord on Pillarcom Home Project  Point accumulation is most important aspect. Our Platform has
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Enjoy up to 40% returns on our real estate investment packages. Stand of a chance of winning a free plot of land and other amazing gift items. Investment Plans. Invest #50,000 get 7% returns in 6months and 18% returns in 12 months. Invest #100,000 get
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Uniqueness is the identity of every business brand, We at pillarcom network are unique because we have made a common Nigerian attained a goal of N35 million property project, Also we have  helped our customers became land owners with unique compensation
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One of the goals of Pillarcom Network is to make housing available and affordable for all. With a little down payment and a convenient installment payment method, you can own a land of your own in fast-developing areas of the country at ease. Don't rent
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Located in the midst of Multinationals such as Nestle PLC, Cadbury PLC, PZ PLC, Emzor Pharmaceuticals Company, Unilever, Better Glass etc. The Estate is designed for wise investors, as the Badagry expressway will open international trading between Nigeria
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