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5 tips for becoming a successful real estate agent

There’s no one secret to succeeding in real estate. But here are 5 tactics that could put you on the right path.

1. Partner with other agents

Perhaps a buyer or seller isn’t your cup of tea. Or maybe their price point isn’t in your wheelhouse.

Rather than turn these prospective clients away, you should co-list or co-represent them with competitors.

“3 or 2 percent of something is better than 10 percent of nothing,”

Partnering with another agent is also a way to hedge against altogether losing a prospect to a formidable competitor.

Imagine making 3% in about 10 deals for the months or year runs out, you would have successfully made over 30% of the deals you  hope to make alone. The profit here become one part of the total profit you are actually making.


2. Don’t turn down any deals

When you’re getting your legs, never turn a buyer or seller away. Some transactions may not translate into fat commissions. But they might send more business your way or buy pricier homes in the future.


3. Maintain connections with past clients and referral sources

You will be amaize that sending out give away regularly  to your contacts delivers about a 10 percent return on investment, much higher than the 2 percent return on investment he sees from blanketing neighborhoods with postcards.

sends market updates, just-listed cards, just-sold cards, and birthday and holiday cards to past clients.

Sending former clients listing and open house notifications can also pay dividends.


4. Hire a real estate coach or get a mentor:

You need to get mentored by someone who has followed that path you are trying to get started with or someone who knows how you can scale through the path. This will help  you avoid some mistakes that may cost you.


5. Cultivate an online presence


Paying developers to build a website that ranks high in search results is a more cost-effective and sustainable online marketing strategy than buying search engine advertisements.

Be available, be heard and be engaging.

“That is your lifeblood going forward,”

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