Compensation Plan

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The simplicity of our Network marketing plan makes it easy to achieve your financial goals.

No more complex, multiple stages. We keep it simple, flexible and easy to earn continuously from Network marketing opportunity.

Pillarcom Compensation Plan is a one stage force Matrix built by top notch programmers and marketing experts to help you achieve your financial dreams with less effort. Another interesting thing about our system is that Members need to refer 1person each to start earning. With our innovative marketing plan members earn in 5 different levels, and as their network grows, they earn and get life changing rewards.


To enjoy Pillarcom benefit to the fullest, you will need to sign up as partner. We have 3 partnership you can choose from.

  1. Bronze Partner earn commissions on 2levels of the network @5%
  2. Silver Partner earn commissions on 3 levels of the network @10%
  3. Gold Partner earn commissions on 5 levels of the network @20%
Level 1

Using the Gold Partner as iIlustration

When you refer anybody to the network, they are your level one member. You earn 20% from each member on level 1.

Total Income - $240

Starter Award: include t-shirt, face cap and other useful souvenir



When your direct downlines refer anybody to the network, they are your level 2 member. You earn 5% from each member on level 2


Total Income - $1,800

Smart Award: Smartphone, Laptop 


When your indirect downlines refer anybody to the network, they are your level 3 members. You earn 2% from each members on level 3.

Total Income – $21,600

Affection Award: Tab, Projector, Washing machine, Deep freezer, gas cooker, fuel generator and local vacation trip (All expense paid).

Level 4

When your level 3 downlines refer anybody to the network, they are your level 4 members. You earn 1% from each member on level 4

Total Income - $324,000

Master's Award:  Car, HomeTheater, Air-conditioner, Flat screen TV, Diesel generator, International Family vacation trip (all-expense paid), 


Level 5

When your level 4 downlines refer anybody to the network, they are your level 5 members. You earn 1% from each members on level 5.

Total Income – $ 9,720,000

Royal Award:  Home, Another luxury Car, 

Home furniture, International Family vacation trip (all-expense paid),


Silver and Bronze Partners

As a Silver Partner you earn 

10% on level 1

3% on level 2

1% on level 3

As a Bronze Partner you earn 

5% on level 1

1% on level 2

Spillover commission

These are free downlines for members. The more you delay to join us the more you lose free downlines In Pillarcom Network, you are not alone because the team work with you and for you.

  • Our compensation plan has only one stage
  • You start earning once you have one downline
  • Multiple gift awards on each level
  • No need to complete each level before you start getting gift awards and accrue income
  • Income can come from more than one level at the same time.
  • Spillover that helps you grow your network faster
  • You can be part of multiply training, including e-learning
  • life time mentorship to help achieve your dream goals
  •  business support and promotion
Other Partners Benefits
  • Free Access to Pillarcom National skills acquisition programme at any location. You can sponsor yourself or any other person you would like to help to attend the workshop.
  • Access to Soft loan after registration
  • Access to grant, up to 600k after 6months of mentorship
  • Cash and Gifts Reward


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