The uniqueness of Pillarcom Network (PCN): it’s a single stage forced matrix of 5x10 plan, with a spillover. Membership registration is $35. As a member you earn 10% ($3.5) commission on every new signup from you, your downlines and sub-downlines.

When you sign up to participate in PCN wealth creation programme, you are given an empowerment card loaded with $6.67 to go shopping.

When you share your testimonies after shopping, you are credited with 2000 points that set you towards becoming a leader at PCN and qualifies you for more gift items.

Once you referred one person, you start earning referral commissions and more funds are transferred to your empowerment card to take care of your basic need.

With one downline, you can start earning referral commissions and bonuses on Pillarcom Network. However, you can sign up as many as possible people as you can, to help your downlines and as well increase your earnings. After all, you have a lot to gain.



Levels No. of Downlines Potential income
1 5 $17.5
2 25 $87.5
3 125 $437.5
Total income on level 1-3 $542.5
To Earn more income on level 4 -6, upgrade your membership with $70 only
4 625 $2,187.5
5 3,125 $10,937.5
6 15,625 $54,687.5
Total income on level 4-6 $67,812.5
To Earn more income on level 7 & 8, upgrade your membership with $1000 only
7 78,125 $273,437.5
8 390,625 $1,367,187.5
Total income on level 7 & 8 $1,640,625
To Earn more income on level 9 & 10, upgrade your membership with $5,000 only
9 1,953,125 $6,835,937.5
10 9,765,265 $34,179,687.5


All Earnings are paid in Naira, 1$ = N300


On PCN you also accumulate 1000 points from everyone referred to the network either by you or your downlines. You also move from one leadership rank to another as your accumulated points increases.


  • VIP: You become PCN VIP, when your accumulated points increases to 10KP. You’ll be rewarded with step-in gifts; Pillarcom Badge/ crest and Food Items ($6.67).
    When your points accumulates to 30KP, you are rewarded with step-up gifts; T-shirt and Food Items ($10).

  • MANAGER: At 100KP you become a Manager. You get a step-in gift; Android smartphone and food item ($66.7).
    At 1MP you get step-up gifts; Laptop and Food allowance ($166.67).

  • AMBASSADOR: At 2MP you become an Ambassador. You get a step-in gift; Home Appliances valued at $1,666.67.
    At 5MP you get another step-up gifts; A plot of Land valued at $5,000. You also get access to membership loan up to $ 6,666.67.

  • DIRECTOR:  At 10MP you become a Director. You get a Step-in gift; Family vacation valued at $ 8,333.33.
    At 25MP you get another step-up gift; A Brand new car valued at $15,000.

  • CEO:  At 50MP you become a CEO. You get a step-in gift; Scholarship valued at $ 18,333.33.
    At 150MP you get a step-up gift; Family home valued at $83,333.33.