Farm Estate Project:

You earn 40% profit from our Farming project as we work toward making food available and affordable for the masses. 20% profit is paid into your empowerment card every 6 months. You can terminate your contract any time with 6 months notice. Minimum investment is N150,000




Step 1: Buy into Farm Estate

Buy one or more plots of land. You can also buy ½ plot of land.


Step 2: Invest in the farming project.

After buying into farm Estate, you may also like to invest on the farm project a certain amount of money.

Example: if you buy a plot (N200,000), you can invest maximum of N300,000 on the single plot.


The Investment fund covers

* Cost of farm management & Maintenance,

* Procurement of seeding & Land preparation,

* Irrigation charges,

* Wages/Salaries for manual labour,

* Transportation & marketing cost of produce

The Table below show the maximum you can invest on plots  of Land bought



Plot of Land package

Cost of land

Max Investment



½ plot





1 plot










Step 3: Cashout Your profit

Your payout ROI is made “Every 6 months” into your empowerment card, according to the amount you invested. 

 It's 40% profit on any investment package every year. You Get back your initial investment amount in full whenever you wish to terminate the investment with 6 month notice.

Real Estate Project

Our real estate programme avail you opportunity to own landed properties with peace of mind. It also give you the opportunity to start profiting from real estate; enjoying high returns on investment

You can take advantage of our Real Estate Programme by Partnering with us a stakeholder or as an investor



  • You can sell properties, making direct sales commission of 5%-15%, and an indirect sales commission of 2%-10%
  • You can own free plot of land when 10plots of land at a particular location is sold.
  • You get go shopping and gift items reward bonus on every sales made.
  • Other rewards include cash prices, brand new car,  Scholarship, Electronics items and vacation trip (all expense paid)
  • You also have access to our marketing platform where you can monetize your own or other people’s properties.




      • You can invest minimum of one million naira (N1,000,000) in our Real Estate Projects, and get  %25 returns on investment after two(2)years plus custom plot of land currently being valued at N300,000. 
      • You can buy properties and sell it off after a period of time to get higher returns on investment.

Click the link to view some of our properties available for sale

More properties on


Digital Business Projects:

These include Software and mobile application, e-currencies and e-commerce. While you learn the trade to do it yourself, we also provide the opportunity for members to invest in the projects. You earn 30% from digital projects. 10% profit is paid into your empowerment card every 4months. You can terminate your contract any time with 3months notice. Minimum investment is N50,000.