The 10 commandment of the you-win-i-win

The You win I win is a programme set aside for active members of PCN, that enable them win gift items and free plot of land every month aside the numerous benefits and rewards they enjoy on the platform.

With you-win – I – win, you stand the chance to win free plot of land every month, you either win directly or you win through your downlines

As a star tenant in the community, you stand the chance to win gift items during the monthly you-win-i-win programme while as a star landlord, you stand the chance to win  both gift items and plot of land.


1.   You must have a paid active account (either a star tenant or star landlord account) in other to participate in the you win I win.

2.  Your account must be star landlord account in other to participate in the land raffle draw.

3.   You can only win ones in every 12months as long as your account is still active(i.e not expired)

4.  you can win more than 1 plot of land  if you have referred new star landlord  to join Pillarcom or you have generated more than N500,000 sales of land/investment.

5.  As a new member in the community, you can participate in the monthly raffle draws for 3months without new referral or sales of land/investment, however at the 4th month, you must have refer at least 2 members or make Sale/Investment revenue not less than N500,000

6.  In every 3months you have refer 2 new members or make minimum of N500,000 sales/investment before you can be considered for the next You-Win-I-Win

7.  Only active members of Pillarcom can participate in the YOU-WIN-I-WIN programme. The following people are referred to as active members of Pillarcom

a.  Register Members  who also buy or invest in properties from Pillarcom

b.  Register Members   who refer others to buy or invest in Properties with Pillarcom

c.  Register Members  who also refer other join Pillarcom Community

d.  Registered members who are actively involved in the growth of the community

8. Weekly meeting either online or onsite is compulsory for all Members of Pillarcom. Not attending meetings regularly can lead to your disqualification from participating in the You-win-I-win programme.

9. Pillarcom Homes reserve the right to disqualify any member of the community, that is not of Good character, from participating in the you-win-I-win programme

10.  Pillarcom Homes reserve the right to update the terms and condition  for participating in the you-win-i-win as dem fit without prior notice to, or consulting  the members of the community.