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Prime  Estate which located at Agbara Lusada axis is a unique one because it is just about 5- minutes drive from the major express and 3km drive away from Opic estate. Obasanjo's hatchery farm is also about 3minutes drive from the site. The land is covered with a C of O.

The industrial axis of Ogun state is within this estate axis, where multinationals like Nestle Plc, Emzo pharmaceutical company, Unilever, Better glass, PZ plc, Cadbury plc etc. are situated.

Lagos Badagry expressway is a plus to this estate, as this will open international trading between Nigeria and the Francophone countries. We, therefore, advise our Investors to take advantage of the economical values of this place.


The value of plots of land at this location is now selling at the rate of N2,000,000 only per plot of 600sqm while the half plot is going for N1,000,000. Also available is 150sqm for N500,000 only. The installment payment plan is available for any size of plot you chose.

image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=271&dpx=1&t=1699651708(For Office Use only) PROPERTY POINT VALUE:  

40,000 Points for 600sqm, 20,000 points for 300sqm. (for star tenant )

50,000 Points for 600sqm, 25,000 points for 300sqm. (for star Landlord )


1. Customer/member also accumulate same points (See what the points can be used for)

2. Inbox "Support", "pcn team" and "point manager" your proof of transaction when you buy or sell property to claim you points.

2. Property or investment points not claimed within 7days of transaction can not be re-claimed again.

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