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Epe Gardens Waterfront

Epe Gardens Waterfront

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Epe Gardens Waterfront, where nature's embrace meets the tranquil symphony of water. Prepare to embark on a magical voyage and immerse yourself in the splendor of this extraordinary oasis.


As you step foot into Epe Gardens Waterfront, you'll discover a realm unlike any other—the crown jewel of the renowned Epe Gardens. This remarkable sanctuary transcends the boundaries of ordinary living, offering an unparalleled setting along the serene shores of a picturesque lake-like front.

Prepare to embark on a journey of true connection with nature, as Epe Gardens Waterfront seamlessly merges the beauty of land and lake. It's here that you'll uncover the essence of harmonious living, a place where your soul finds solace and your spirit finds rejuvenation. Welcome to Epe Gardens Waterfront, where water, land, and limitless possibilities converge into a breathtaking symphony of beauty and tranquility.


Strategically positioned to harness the future disruption coming to Epe, Epe Gardens Waterfront presents an exceptional real estate investment opportunity. It's not just a property to be found; it's an estate to be called home. This prime location promises a lifetime of growth and prosperity, ensuring that your investment will thrive in sync with the evolving landscape of Epe.

Accessibility is key, and Epe Gardens Waterfront boasts an enviable location. Just a 15-minute drive from St. Augustine University and a mere 20 minutes from the international airport by boat, this remarkable estate is a testament to convenience and connectivity. Surrounded by notable landmarks such as the Alarm of Ilara Palace, Alaro City, Lekki International Airport, LASU Epe, and Yabatech, Epe Gardens Waterfront positions you at the heart of a vibrant and dynamic community.

Indulge in a wealth of facilities designed to elevate your living experience. A verdant green park beckons, offering a serene retreat where you can immerse yourself in nature's embrace. CCTV coverage ensures your safety and peace of mind, while streetlights illuminate your path and create a captivating ambiance. A stately gatehouse stands as a symbol of prestige and exclusivity, welcoming you into this remarkable sanctuary. Discover boundless joy and laughter at the recreation center, a space designed to foster a sense of community and create lasting memories. With maximum security measures in place, you can rest assured that your well-being is our top priority.

As a token of our appreciation for your presence in this enchanting paradise, we present exclusive prelaunch prices that will leave you breathless:

- Regular Plot: 2.2 Million Naira

- Lake View: 2.7 Million Naira

- Lagoon View: 3.7 Million Naira

- Commercial Plot: 3.2 Million Naira


Embrace the opportunity to secure your own piece of this magnificent waterfront haven and unlock a future filled with endless possibilities. Epe Gardens Waterfront is not just an investment—it's an invitation to embrace a life of serenity and bliss. Don't let this chance slip away. Contact us today and let the journey to your new beginning commence.

For more information and payment details, call or WhatsApp +234 817 740 2601

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